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In the ecommerce world today, achieving a solid social media presence is just as crucial, or even more crucial than having a stunning website. With the right social media consultant, you’ll have to worry about managing your own social media accounts.

Sayles Industries is a social media marketing agency that professionally manages social media channels to increase engagement, implement effectual lead generation campaigns and grow social presence all together! Whether scheduling shares, creating content, repurposing content, community management, engaging with fans, or sharing others’ content, as a Social Media Marketing and Management Agency, Sayles Industries helps budget-conscious business owners like you to achieve their marketing objectives with a big bang.

From our direct experience managing our own social media, we know small business owners new to social media marketing sometimes find it pretty overwhelming to juggle and manage their accounts at scale or run an agency effectively. Using proven, smarter social media management and communication tools, we help you tap into the huge online prospects for better results in terms of broad online presence, customer engagement and conversion.

Keep up social media engagement by posting consistently and providing valuable content that engages your customer base. Ask questions that are not a short answer. Invoke emotions by adding original photos and recalling a memory. Share customer stories that touch your customer base and cause them to interact with you. Search your company name on social media sites to see when people are talking about your business, and share any positive posts you find.

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More social exposure with social media marketing
These days, social media has grown such that small businesses are not only solidifying their online presence on more powerful social media networks, but are also investing more dollars in these channels.

As a matter of fact, social media ads alone spent a whopping $8.5 billion in 2014, and this figure is expected to hit $14 billion by 2018. As one of the best social media management in Tri-State region of Pennsylvania and Erie, PA, Sayles Industries helps businesses of all sizes to launch successful social media marketing across the major social media channels.

As a qualified social media consultant, we have created and managed excellent social media campaigns for hundreds—and we’re still counting, of small businesses throughout Erie, PA as well as Ohio and New York. Sayles Industries specializes in social network management and can manage various channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus on your behalf. As a leader in social media monitoring in the greater Tri-State region of Pennsylvania, we use relevant social media management tools to ensure a strong online presence for your business.

Our social media strategies are tailored with your target audience in mind. They are clear-cut and well thought-out, enabling you to grow your business as well as meet your marketing goals. Having worked closely with startups, we know for sure that the thought of spending money on paid social can sometimes feel unnerving for many small business owners.

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Given the increased number of features, possibilities and social networks, paid social isn’t the only expense associated with effective social media marketing. Creating fresh and engaging content and executing a full-blown strategy also costs time.

Sayles Industries’ social media management for small businesses is affordable and involves cutting edge social management tools and technologies that power communication through proper social media monitoring, measurement, response and collaboration for maximum returns.

From advertising, to lead generation, analytics, PPC ads, social listening and more, Sayles Industries has surpassed expectations to become a top social media management company in Erie, PA able to tackle every aspect of your social media marketing successfully.

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