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A manufacturing company that has been in business for over 50 years gets its first-ever website.

manufacturing website design

Kelly Steel & Engineering, a manufacturer and equipment supplier, that has been around since 1968 was in dire need of a website. The company was recently acquired a few years back by an individual who understood the importance of having an up-to-date, mobile-friendly website. One of the main problems aside from not having a website was not having any internet presence at all. In fact, prior to hiring us, if you were to conduct a search for the company’s name on Google, the first result that appeared was for a different manufacturing company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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manufacturing web design
THE Solution

Sayles Industries worked closely with the client to create a fresh and modern website that represented Kelly Steel & Engineering as an expert in the asphalt industry. Despite the company being around for over 50 years, there was not much digital content available to work with, so we decided to simplify the site by making it a one-pager design. The end product is a visually pleasing website that delivers a fluid experience to visitors.

Our local SEO experts performed on-page optimization to help resolve the issue with the other manufacturing company showing up first on Google. Though the site is only a one-pager, this is still a critical component when it comes to improving search engine rankings. Furthermore, the client needed help to correct and verify their Google My Business listing. We went a step further and optimized their GMB listing, now the company appears as they should.

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