A lot of people frown and immediately retreat once they hear the word, “RESEARCH” said in a conversation; especially if it means that they have to actually PERFORM the research. What if this research could single handedly take your business from a 5 figure a month business to a 6 figure a month business? …would you frown about that “research” word again? By working smarter and not harder, with your keyword research you can take a website and shoot it to the top of the search engine rankings.

Doing the proper Keyword Research for your business or niche, you can find exactly what terms are being searched online for your service or good. As soon as someone goes to a search engine like Google or Bing, they type in their search query or question. It all begins here. Once they hit the enter button, then your keyword research comes into play. This is easily the most important and most valuable asset to your website and using it to generate more business for your company. By doing the proper research on your keywords and business, you can plan a high return for your efforts.

Having effective keywords and phrases for local SEO will be different from Global SEO due to the need for localized phrasing. This can mean adding your city as a keyword, as well as surrounding towns and surrounding events.

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Discovering the demand for certain keywords can help you rank in areas that you didn’t know existed as well as the ones you knew/assumed. You will be able to figure out which search terms and phrases you can use to target your SEO campaign and to learn an entirely new level about your clients and what information they are searching. Having a website and doing the proper research on its keywords aren’t just about getting traffic to your site, it is about getting the RIGHT TRAFFIC to your site. Keyword Research can narrow down your traffic to the specific audience you desire and increase your turnover rate and increase your sales.

You cannot disregard the importance of the intelligence gained from proper keyword research. The mere statistics and demographics of your audience gained are valuable to the point that it can alter your entire marketing campaign and completely annihilate another path that was taken and not working. Keyword research helps you see changes in demand, see the changes in the market conditions, and see the products/services that require more of your attention based upon recent search trends. This is literally showing you what people are searching for online and what exact words they are using to find these items that they desire. You are literally in the brain of the beast.

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Stop preventing your own success in business. In order to do the proper keyword research you need to take many factors into consideration from the demand of a given phrase to the actual locality of the searches and the IP Addresses used to search them. With the amount of searches going on each day, week, and month, the market is forever changing and consistently being updated. This is why you must continue keeping up to date on the keyword market and what search terms are in demand. There are many tools available but remember, the numbers are always changing so doing the research once isn’t going to pass as acceptable; this is an on-going process.

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