8 SEO Tips To Get to Page One of Google


8 SEO Tips To Get to Page One of Google

If you’ve just built your website, earning the top spot on Google is no cakewalk. However, you can attain it over time with the right SEO practices. If you want to learn the top SEO tips for page one results on Google, keep reading!

1. Study High-Ranking Content

Your site may not have landed on page one yet, but you can learn from those that already have. Take a closer look at their landing pages. Compare each page, and see how they’re written. Do they include keywords not found on your page? Do the backlinks have higher quality? 

Are there additional helpful elements like videos or charts? By studying pages with a higher ranking, you can adopt the best practices and make your content more relevant.

2. Maximize Internal Linking

Your site’s internal linking structure helps give Google an idea of what the website is all about. So, thoroughly use linking across your pages to build authority on your major topics and increase your chances of getting a higher rank for them. 

Only link pages when they’re relevant to the users and help satisfy their needs. Showing that you have addressed the issue well gives Google the assurance that visitors to your site will be pleased with the content. 

3. Ensure a Mobile-Friendly Site

About 60% of online searches come from mobile devices. Mobile-friendliness is also included in Google’s page experience update, which means that mobile-ready content will be prioritized. So, if your site is not yet optimized for mobile use, revamp it to help rank your website to page one of Google.

4. Earn and Build More Links

Rankability may involve several factors like relevance, content quality, and semantic relationships. However, backlinks still help rank websites to page one of Google. So, earn links by creating high-quality content that’d urge other sites to use it as a resource. Then, develop links by looking for essential links from reputable sources. 

5. Revive Previous Performers

Effective SEO tips also include refreshing old yet great content. Apply splicing or look for the pages containing low-performing keywords and create new content pages tailored to those keywords’ purpose. Then, interlink them with the present ranking page so it’s easier to rank on a topic category that you already have authority on.  

6. Target Featured Snippets

With Featured Snippets, you can get to the top of the search results. While this is hard to achieve, you can improve your chances by exploring your keywords’ variations and check if there’s a featured snippet. Then, examine the featured content’s structure to see what format is favored by Google, and apply it to improve your top-ranked page for the particular query. 

7. Modify the Site Navigation

Top Google SEO tips for page one results also include moving more important pages higher in your site navigation. When examining a page’s relevance, Google considers its distance from the home page through internal navigation. As it contains the most external links, the homepage has the highest authority on your page. So, move your most essential pages near the homepage to enhance authority and possibly get a higher rank.  

8. Tweak Threshold Pages

Pages in positions 11 to 20 are called threshold pages. They may not generate much traffic, but refining them will help get you to the top. So, focus on these pages instead of trying to rank on new content. With a rank tracking tool, you can segment your pages with keywords that are in positions 11 to 20. To determine which segment offers greater chances for returning visitors, sort by the search volume.  

Google SEO Tips: Let Your Site Stand Out

With the competition getting tougher, you must apply the best SEO tips for page one results on Google, like researching high-ranking content, building more links, and tweaking threshold pages. You can also work with a top-notch SEO agency like Sayles Industries to help increase your visibility online. Contact us today, and we’ll address your SEO and other digital marketing needs!

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