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WordPress is an immensely popular platform to build websites on, totaling in at about 450 million out of the estimated 1.3 billion sites that exist. From personal to business, blogs to eCommerce, WordPress offers built-in features and add-ons that give you seemingly endless website capabilities. It is a web design and development tool used by solo entrepreneurs and web design companies alike. So why are so many using WordPress as a platform for their websites? To answer that question, you first need to understand what WordPress is.

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What is WordPress?

If you have ever tried to build a website from scratch, as most were in the 1990s, you know how long it takes to write the code, create graphics, and set up the hosting. WordPress is an open-source content management system that streamlines the website building and maintenance process. With the simple click of a button, you can have an entire page stood up and ready for customization without typing a single line of code.

WordPress comes with everything you need to build a website right out of the box. If what comes with WordPress is not enough, there is a world of add-ons called “plugins” that provide all sorts of extra features. Such features include enhancing website security, website traffic statistics, integrating your website with social media platforms, and much more.

Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is extremely popular, and over 35% of websites use this platform, from personal pages to businesses. Even the White House and Microsoft use it, and there are many reasons as to why. For example, one easy selling point is that WordPress is open-source and completely free, as opposed to alternative website building platforms. You can change the face of your website in an instant with themes, expand the functionality of your website with plugins, and easily install WordPress on any supported host with a few simple clicks.

Another reason is the fact that WordPress sites are also mobile responsive. With over 3.7 billion using mobile devices in 2018, and with more users primarily using their smartphones to shop, your website must have a responsive design.

Lastly, WordPress is the most prominent content management system for websites; there is a massive community of developers continually improving and updating the platform. This keeps your website up to date with the latest software and hardware developments without lifting a finger. Not to mention the vast array of support you can get when you run into a question or issue using the platform.

WhY choose our service

There is no question that WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management systems out there, especially of those that are free. Regardless of your skill level with designing and developing websites, WordPress has the flexibility and versatility to bring it to life in an instant. The sheer cost savings from not having to pay a team of designers and developers not only to build your website, but also maintain and update it, is staggering. Reliability and ease of use are some of the most important aspects of a website, and WordPress delivers both without a doubt.

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