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Most users who search for local or nearby businesses are doing so on a mobile device. This makes having your website optimized for mobile usage imperative. Failing to do so will tank your ranking. Check load times, photo optimizations, and the overall look of your website on mobile and desktop versions. If your page fails to load quickly, even if you are the top result, users are likely to bounce from your page to the next option. In the world of instant gratification, failing to load quickly on a mobile device can cost you more business than any number of other SEO mistakes you might be making.

Depending on your site’s complexity, you may need to invest in a responsive design that changes function when being viewed on a mobile device. Test out your website on a mobile device and see if drop-down features are usable, if the text is legible, and if all forms can still be filled out on each page to decide how to optimize your site for mobile users.

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