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GMB Features Stopped During Covid-19

Google My Business Features Temporarily Disabled During Covid-19 Businesses around the world are falling on hard times right now. Many are being forced to adapt and pivot as new mandates and regulations are enacted to stop Covid-19 from spreading. New developments are arising affecting local SEO as a result of this global pandemic. Last week a significant …

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Google Core Algorithm Update March 2019

What does the March 2019 update bring to the Google algorithm? Like most leaders in the tech industry, Google is constantly looking to improve its’ algorithms and mechanisms. It is not surprising that the latest update of the search engine’s core algorithm has brought significant changes. The Size Officially named the “Google March 2019 Core …

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Does SEO Really Work

Does SEO Really Work

Being a business owner, e-commerce store, or personal blogger, having your website found on the big Search Engines like Google is critical. In fact, you may have researched how to improve website rankings on your own which can be quite overwhelming with terms such as SEO, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, meta descriptions, alt image tags, …

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SEO For Beginners

SEO For Beginners: How SEO Done Right Gets You More Sales SEO speak is everywhere. Even beginners who have no knowledge of it understand that it’s important. My goal is to help you understand why. It’s not uncommon for new business owners to to learn about SEO from a dozen different sources, which can take …

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Google’s Algorithm Update Might Mark Your Website As Unsafe

Google’s New Algorithm Update Might Mark Your Website As Unsafe Beginning on October 24th, all Google users browsing on Google Chrome will see a “not secure” warning for HTTP web pages that all text input. This refers to everything from login details to payment information. This includes search boxes, too. If your site has a …

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Understanding Google Penalties

Why It’s So Important To Understand Google Penalties Most business owners today either at least have a basic understanding of search engine optimization. In many cases, they’re aware of the benefits, but not quite sure of the path to get there. They’ll either make attempts to learn SEO on their own, or hire an SEO …

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How SEO Has Evolved

How SEO has Evolved the Years Search Engine Optimization has evolved greatly in the recent past that most people who still held on the ‘ancient’ SEO practices believed that SEO died. Well, it is good to note that nothing has replaced SEO, it the same SEO that was but has just evolved.  Earlier SEO techniques In …

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Backlinks – Quality Over Quantity

Backlinks – Quality Over Quantity Backlinks are very important for getting your website found by online visitors and increase internet traffic. A backlink is when your website has been linked from another website; behind a word, phrase or URL itself. This will increase your search engine rankings, now that the search engines will associate your website …

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Keeping Local Business Rankings Up

How to Local Business Rankings up Despite Google Algorithm Updates The 1st of September 2016 saw online markets running around like headless chickens trying to figure out what had happened to their local listings and Google rankings. The reason behind this chaotic behavior was an update from Google called Possum. Although it was never officially …

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