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Companies Turn to Digital Marketing to Survive

Companies Are Turning to Digital Marketing To Survive COVID-19 Impacts COVID-19 was and still is an unpredicted pandemic, and no one has any idea when it will be remediated. This reality is a disastrous threat to businesses and companies who are suffering from extreme revenue loss. Because of this, over the next upcoming months, you …

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Local Services by Google

Google’s Local Service Ads now Feature Google Guarantee If you have searched on Google for a local handyman lately, you may be familiar with the Google Guarantee little green checkmark.   This little insignia is making big waves in the world of local SEO and is one of the recent changes Google has made. While the …

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Google’s New Announcement About Review Schema

Google Announces Changes to Local Business Review Schema Google is continually making changes that are meant to serve its users more effectively, but sometimes hurt the pocketbooks of business owners. Recently, the way their local business reviews are indexed has changed in an attempt to circumvent review-rich content that is widely controlled by the business …

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Lack of Accessibility on your Website can Lead to Lawsuit

Lack of Accessibility on your Website can Lead to Lawsuit With the recent rise of lawsuits against businesses in regards to their website’s accessibility for disabled persons business owners need to stay vigilant and take action to accommodate for the disabled. Much like a business owner can face legal action for not being wheelchair accessible, …

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Does SEO Really Work

Does SEO Really Work

Being a business owner, e-commerce store, or personal blogger, having your website found on the big Search Engines like Google is critical. In fact, you may have researched how to improve website rankings on your own which can be quite overwhelming with terms such as SEO, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, meta descriptions, alt image tags, …

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SEO For Beginners

SEO For Beginners: How SEO Done Right Gets You More Sales SEO speak is everywhere. Even beginners who have no knowledge of it understand that it’s important. My goal is to help you understand why. It’s not uncommon for new business owners to to learn about SEO from a dozen different sources, which can take …

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The Real Value Of Guest Blogging

What Is The Real Value Of Guest Blogging And How Does It Increase Website Rankings Guest blogging presents a wide array of benefits to you and your brand. Although it increases SEO and your influence in a particular industry, not everyone fully understands what guest blogging is and the value it offers. The premise is …

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Understanding Google Penalties

Why It’s So Important To Understand Google Penalties Most business owners today either at least have a basic understanding of search engine optimization. In many cases, they’re aware of the benefits, but not quite sure of the path to get there. They’ll either make attempts to learn SEO on their own, or hire an SEO …

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Is Google AMP Just Another Fad?

Google AMP – Just Another Fad or the Future of Mobile Surfing Google has been up to a lot lately. While we continue to wait for their driver-less car, we are being treated to a number of moonshots: Google Home, Allo, Duo, Virtual Reality platform, and Android Instant among others. Whereas some of the projects are …

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How SEO Has Evolved

How SEO has Evolved the Years Search Engine Optimization has evolved greatly in the recent past that most people who still held on the ‘ancient’ SEO practices believed that SEO died. Well, it is good to note that nothing has replaced SEO, it the same SEO that was but has just evolved.  Earlier SEO techniques In …

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