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what are the benefits of online reviews

Benefits Of Online Reviews And Its Impact On Search Results And Consumer Choices

During a recently concluded consumer review study by BrightLocal, the global search marketing group found quite some interesting online reviews statistics. According to the group, moving from a 3-star consumer rating to 5-star can get a business up to 25% more clicks from Google local 3-pack. Having a 5-star on the other hand according to the study can earn a business 39% more clicks.

Online reviews impact on businesses is quite high according to the study. It was further noted that 56% of online consumers select a business based on positive ratings and or reviews displayed in Google Map Pack. According to the study by the search marketing group, star ratings displayed in Local Maps usually act to generate higher Click Through-Rates (CTR) than organic search results.

The online reviews statistics by BrightLocal are not entirely unique though. Other online review impact studies by Moz.Com and The Local SEO Guide have recently given similar results. According to Moz.Com, 91% of consumers read online reviews when searching for local businesses. The SEO consulting company also indicates in their impact study that 84% of consumers trust online reviews.

Of significance is the fact that the studies agree on online review impact on ranking, click through rates (CTR), and business trust by clients. As is the case with the online review impact study by Bright Local, the studies by Moz.Com and The Local SEO Guide both indicate that online reviews have an influence on position of a business in Google Local 3-pack and in localized organic search results.

Aside from the online reviews statistics, you will agree with us that indeed online reviews have grown to become an important element of a successful digital marketing strategy for businesses. What happens usually is that the more consumers read online reviews about a certain business and or products, the more they comment and the more they buy and encourage others to do the same.

Specific benefits of online reviews to businesses and business owners are vast. They include; free advertising, improved trust based on peer recommendations, feedback in the form of insights and constructive criticisms, and improved relationship with clients based on one-on-one communication as well as enhanced client experience. The other benefit is of course is improved online presence.

Keep in mind that not all reviews may be good for your business. The benefits of online reviews indicated above are mostly limited to positive reviews. The same way they have the potential to distinguish a business from the rest and increase sales, the same way negative online reviews may work to negate any such gains. Further evidence show that reviews have a great impact on ventures.

Also important to note is the fact that most search engines today have developed ways of sorting out real online reviews from fake ones. Like negative reviews, fake reviews are also bad for your business. It doesn’t mean that you can’t ask your clients to leave positive feedback on your services and/or products, usually there are those who don’t mind. Pre-made thank you cards often also work. What is not recommended is pretending to be your client and writing a review for yourself.

If you are a consumer worried about fake reviews, click here to learn some ways of checking. Also, if you are a business owner or company that has been impacted by negative reviews, then I suggest contacting Sayles Industries, LLC today and learning about our Reputation Management Service.

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