Avoid Cheap SEO Services

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cheap seo packages
cheap seo packages

Why You Should Avoid Cheap SEO Services

It is a safe claim to make that most people who fall on hard times usually strive to cut their budgets to influence more efficient spending. Heading into the marketing world, when it comes to content marketing, we want every dollar spent to be as impactful as possible to make an optimal return on investment. Now, you can find a significant number of SEO miracle workers charging prices that seem too good to be true. But the reality is that you get what you pay for, and SEO is one area you should never cut short.

the reality is that you get what you pay for, and SEO is one area you should never cut short..

What to Expect

You can find SEO freelancers charging as little as $10 to agencies charging over $10,000. The key is to understand what you are getting for the price and whether or not the party in question is the right fit for your brand. Some services will optimize a single page and send you on your way, while others will provide strategies and stick with you for months. In addition, you will more than likely want someone who not only has experience within your brand industry, but operates at your speed as well. It is almost guaranteed that a freelancer charging $10 will not give you the upper hand in the search engines you had hoped for. You were probably better off buying a couple of scratch tickets in the hopes of winning one million dollars than to have your article make a dime. In summary, diving into a reputable service that charges more will have a higher success rate than going the cheaper route.

cheap seo services

What to Look For

Commitment and execution are foundational to a successful SEO strategy. Going back to the services that optimize a page once then disappear, stay far away if you are looking for success. Good SEO does require a thorough analysis, but must be curated over time to ensure that it is fine-tuned and adjusted for market changes. Results will likely degrade if the attention given to SEO diminishes over time, which is like throwing all of that initial money away. A good return on investment (ROI) would be two to three times what you put into the SEO service. Without such a return, you would be better off not purchasing a service at all.

The Impact to Your Ranking

Worse than the wasted money is the potential for your site to rank lower than before due to poor service. Google algorithms are far more intelligent today than ever before, rewarding high-quality links over a quantity. Cheap SEO companies and freelancers frequently use spammy links and low-quality enhancements, which penalize your Google ranking. Good SEO takes time and research; we are talking a dozen hours per month at least to provide a sufficient solution. Some basic math, the average salary of an inexperienced SEO specialist is around $60,000, which comes out to about $29/hour. At best, you are getting an amateur for a few hours at $100.


SEO is a specialized service that requires research, planning, and execution coated in detail. Cutting corners and spending less may seem like a good idea in hard times to make more money on less. As demonstrated here, you could actually be paying to have your website fall in the ranks due to bad service. So, spend wisely, research your prospective SEO companies, and find the one that fits your brand and goals. It might be an investment up front, but the value will pay off in the end.

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